The “Sword Brotherhood” button appears in the Main Building of player`s capital upon accomplishing the respective quest.

The Sword Brotherhood allows to hire and to reward other players for inflicting damage on your aggressors who successfully attacked you within last 7 days.

The Sword Brotherhood allows you to carry out orders placed by other players as well and to get reward by doing so.

Types of inflicted damage:

a) annihilation of specified aggressor`s troops;

b) full destruction of a certain number of buildings in the specified aggressor`s domain;

c) seizure of the specified Outer Estate of the aggressor.

The Customer can act incognito or openly.

The Customer can make not more than 1 revenge order at a time. The interval between completed orders must be at least 24 hours. However, unlimited number of players can make a revenge order against the same aggressor.

Once the order is placed, it can be accepted by the avenger within 7 days.

The Customer shall assign a reward for accomplishing the revenge order (a random scroll or artefact).

The cost (in BG) of this reward will be charged from the account of the Customer.

The full amount of BG can be refunded to the Customer only:

1. if the order won`t be accepted by any of the avengers within 7 days (order annulment).

2. if the Customer canceled the order before it was accepted by avenger.

3. if the order was accepted by the avenger, but never got fulfilled within 7 days (failure of the order).

The order can`t be accepted (even seen) by the aggressor himself, his allies, clan mates and all clan mates of the clan that has a peace treaty signed with the aggressor`s clan.

The avenger can accept only 1 order at a time.
The interval between orders must be at least 24 hours.

The avenger can`t give up the accepted order. The avenger has 7 days to fulfill the order. Upon accomplishing the revenge order, the avenger can get the reward by clicking the “Sword Brotherhood” button.

By accomplishing a revenge order, the avenger scores +5 points in the “Sword Brotherhood” rating. Each failed order deducts -1 rating point.

The clan rating is calculated by summing up the scores of all clan mates.