Cells in Cities, villages and other domains are intended for constructing buildings. Buildings can be constructed, upgraded, deleted or repaired in case they were damaged in course of enemy attack.

Construction, upgrade and repair cost resources and take time, and are performed by people who become Builders for the time of construction. The less a construction site is filled with Builders the longer the building construction/upgrade/repair will last.

After a building has been constructed the Builders move on to another constructing or upgrading building if there is one.

The same type of buildings looks different for each race. The Knights, Elves, Wizards, Dark Elves (Drow), Demons and Undead buildings are shown below:

Main Building and City Gate - special buildings that are in any city initially.

You can demolish your buildings by clicking the "Remove" button in the circular menu if necessary.
If the cell a building was standing on become unavailable for a player (for example due to the Capital transfer), the building is automatically deleted.
In both cases Workers and Builders from those buildings become Idle.
However, if buildings were destroyed by an enemy (see Combat Missions) the Workers and Builders will die.