There are 4 villages in every City, where you will be able to construct buildings after you developed the Main Building to the maximum level, opened the Gate and studied the "Villages" science.

Producing Buildings in villages work 30% faster (the Village Bonus) than those constructed inside the City Wall. However, your closest neighbours in the Kingdom can claim the villages too.

EXAMPLE: On the picture the City on the square 14 (New City) has common Villages with the City on the square 6 (Knightcity)
The City on the square 14 (New City) shares the other Villages with squares 4, 5, 6, 13, 15, 22, 23, 24.

If someone has constructed building in a common village, it will be shown in red colour for the neighbouring cities that have this village common.

EXAMPLE: Buildings of the Player who owns City on the cell 6 (Novaya Rudnya) are shown in red colour for the Player whose City is on the cell 14 (New City).

However, other player’s buildings in the common village will not prevent you from constructing your own buildings in this village on the free cells.
Your buildings in common villages will be also shown in red colour for your neighbour.

The buildings in villages can be destroyed with the aid of the Buildings Destruction mission.
Buildings inside the City Wall can't be destroyed.