Missions led by a Hero

When a Hero returns to the own domain, the other Hero accommodated in the Garrison leaves the position and moves to the Sanctuary.

You cannot send two Heroes as assistance to the same domain at the same time.
When a Hero returns from the Assistance mission you can send another Hero to the same domain.

The Hero that returned to the domain rests together with the troops.
The resting Hero cannot be moved to the Sanctuary or sent to a mission.

Artefacts cannot be equipped/unequipped from the Hero during a mission, under attack in or in the Sanctuary.

To look through the list of spells and skills that affect the travel time open the mission screen, click on the mission, rollover the icon located under the mission cancel button and see the tool-tip.

In the missions window in the expanded mission, under the mission recall cross, by clicking on the speed icon, you can see a list of spells and skills that affect the time the mission moves.

Battle with Hero

If the attacking Hero has no troops at the end of the battle, the Player loses since the Hero is not considered a combat unit.