The "Vision" mission allows observing other player’s Missions Window in a certain second. Mission is launched from the Kingdom Map after clicking other player’s domain.

In order to launch the mission you need to have:

  • Visionaries that are trained in Visionary Tower building;
  • sufficient radius of the Visionaries action which depends on the "Vision" science level;
  • and Gate or Tunnel opened in the domain of launching the mission.

Mission Launch Window. Here you set the number of Visionaries to perform the mission. You can choose any your domain, from where to launch mission, in the drop-down list of domains at the top.
“Vision” is not actually a mission as we understand missions, it is not displayed in the Missions Window and limit of missions running at the same time doesn’t refer to the “Vision” missions. This mission is performed in a moment.

At Vision, a battle between your Visionaries and enemy Mirrors occurs.
If you have more Visionaries than there are enemy Mirrors, you will be able to view a "shot" of the enemy’s Missions Window concerning the current domain.
Each Mirror kills one Visionary with the 30% probability. Each Visionary kills one Mirror with 1% probability.

Vision Report can be saved to the messages.