Resources Transportation mission allows transporting resources among your domains.
The mission is launched from the Kingdom Map screen after clicking the city-destination, which has to be not your current domain.

The slower speed of the mission is, the lower its cost will be.

In order to launch the mission you need to have:

  • Merchants that can be trained Merchant Guild building;
  • and Gate or Tunnel opened in both: domain of mission launching and domain of destination.

Mission Withdrawal. "Resources Transportation" mission can’t be withdrawn.

Merchants fatality. Merchants can die after mission completion with 3% probability. The load is guaranteed to be delivered anyway.

Interface features. Point at the building and in the pop-up window you will see how many Merchants are trained and how many of them are in city.

EXAMPLE: Merchant is transporting resources from your City to your Pit, and before the Merchant arrived the Pit was re-seized from you. In such case, resources will not be delivered to Pit but will return to your city and you will receive a message that your Merchant didn’t find the destination.