Gate serves the purpose of city defence.


In order to open the Gate for the first time the "Gate" science has to be studied.

Gate opens 5 minutes and closes 6 hours.
Click the Gate to open or close it. After the Gate is open you will be able to launch combat missions, found new cities and develop villages, though you can also undergo an attack.

Using the Ancient Magic a Gate can be closed in 30 minutes. But if an attack against the city have been already launched the Ancient Magic can’t be used to close the Gate.

Closed Gate and Villages
After a Gate is closed people leave villages and shelter behind the City Wall.
If the buildings in villages are neglected they begin to crumble in 4 days by a random margin – from one level of building damage to a total building collapse.
In 4 more days, if a riot didn’t occur, another wave of buildings collapse happens.

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