One of your allies can be appointed as a Substitute.
Enter the Diplomatic Corps and choose nickname of a player you want to be your Substitute in the drop-down list in the “Substitute” tab.

Substitute can optionally be given the access to the mail.

Substitute will be able to:
  • see all your domains, enter them, see everything the owner can see, except for the mail, if the owner hasn't given the permission,
  • see all messages that were addressed to the owner, if the latter checked the "Show messages" box when appointing a Substitute,
  • manage the Market,
  • distribute resources from the Clan Warehouse and slaves from the Clan Reservation, if the owner is the head of a clan.

Substitute's online isn't considered as the owner's online.
Substitute's entrance prevents the riot, but doesn't prevent the account deletion due to a long inactivity of the owner.

Substitute can perform any actions the owner can, except for:
  • buildings removal,
  • use of the "Capital Transfer" science,
  • selection of another Specialisation, if there's one already studied,
  • messages deletion,
  • control of the tabs in the Diplomatic Corps, including both Clans and Alliances,
  • cancellation of any missions, including the Assistance located in the domain of a substituted player,
  • initiation of explorers mission,
  • Artefacts or Scrolls purchase,
  • Hero deletion.

Substitute doesn't have access to the owner's information about Kingdoms. That's why he can't initiate missions.