"Espionage" mission allows seeing other players’ domains from the inside. The mission can be launched by clicking the other player’s domain in the Kingdom Map.

In order to launch the mission you need to have:

  • Spies (that can be trained in the Spy Guild building),
  • and sufficient radius of the Spies action, which depends on the "Espionage" science level.

Mission Launch Window. Here you choose number of Spies to perform mission. You can also choose any your domain to send Spies from in the drop-down list of domains at the top.
"Espionage" is not actually a mission as we understand missions, it is not displayed in the Missions Window and limit of missions running at the same time doesn’t refer to “Espionage” missions. This mission is performed in a moment.

At Espionage, a battle between your Spies and enemy Counterspies occurs.
If there is no Counterspies in the domain which is spied on, then Spies will get level 4 access.
If 100 Spies face resistance of 10 Counterspies, on average – 3 Spies and 1 Counterspy will be killed.

If at the beginning of battle you have more Spies than there are enemy Counterspies, you will be able to view a "shot" of the enemy domain with certain level of access.
At the level 4 access all information on player’s city is available for you.
At the level 3 access information on troops in Sanctuary and assisting troops is not available for you; you also can’t enter buildings.
At the level 2 access information on garrison and sciences is also not available.
At the level 1 access only information on resources, number of cells and position of occupied cells is available.

Chances of getting levels of access according to Spies prevail over Counterspies, %:

No access Level 1 Level 2Level 3Level 4
0% Spies to Counterspies (meaning a lot of Counterspies)70 30 00 0
50% Spies to Counterspies (Spies are half as many)50 45 5 0 0
100% Spies to Counterspies (forces are equal) 2050 25 5 0
200% Spies to Counterspies (Spies are twice as many) 0 10 25 60 5
400% Spies to Counterspies (Spies are 4 times as many) 0 0 0 50 50

Spy Report can be saved in messages.