Give ability to use Spells. Each Scroll contains one Spell.
Spells from Scrolls in the Hero Bag appear in the Book of Spells.
There are 5 levels of Scrolls. Scrolls of different levels look different.

Scrolls are obtained from:
1. Trader. Scrolls can be bought from the Trader for Resources and the Black Gems. Trader can buy Scrolls for 50% BG cost. Resources are not credited by the Trader.
2. Ruins. Scroll can appear in Ruins.

Scrolls advantages:
Scroll of any level can be used by Hero of any level.
When Spell is cast from a Scroll, Mana is not expended.

Curse scrolls
All scrolls with Curse in the beginning of the name, can be cast upon hostile domain. They affect your enemy by means of giving him certain disadvantages.

Infection scrolls
Some scrolls hold infection spells. Those are cast upon oneself and have an effect only when attacking another player (they won`t work if used in defence or assistance). If the attacking player bearing this spell wins, it will affect the defeated player in the way described in the scroll.