Sarcophagus is a special type of monsters' domains where magical Enchantments are kept hidden away.

These estates appear in the Dungeon at random. Only Suzerains can find them with the help of explorers.

An army of monsters headed by a monster hero is situated in the garrison of the estate. When a new Sarcophagus appears, one of multiple recipes is generated in the bag of its monster hero. In case of a successful attack mission on a Sarcophagus the initiator of the mission takes the Enchantment provided that he has previously studied Alchemy 4 and his hero has a at least one spare slot in his bag. The life span of a Tomb is 72 hours or until it is destroyed.

When an attack mission is sent to a Sarcophagus, hero monsters from the nearest Sarcophaguses can bring their armies as assistance. Bear in mind that the garrison in the Sarcophagus where the assistance mission came from stays unchanged. The number of outgoing assistance missions in a Sarcophagusis unlimited , the number of those incoming is limited by 2 .