If there is no Range specified in a Spell description, the Range is 1 Kingdom.

Example: the Hero has the skill "Explorer`s eye" that allows to cast a spell.
This implies only the current kingdom where the hero is. So "Instant exploration of the chosen cell in the current kingdom".

If a Hero is the bearer of a Spell, then the Hero should be in the Garrison of the Domain-target in order for the Spell to take effect.

"Still Spirits" Spell
After the Spell is cast, points from attacking units fallen in the Domain are zeroed.

"Intrepidity" Spell
Affects "Deep Horror", "Horror" and "Compassion" Spells.
Does not affect "Caution in Defence" and "Caution in Attack" Spells.

"Victim" Spell
Turns Troops into Resources.
70% of selected units can be exchanged for Resources at the market average rate.

"True View" Spell
reveals all true attacks on the current domain, including ones conceived by "Fog ghost" and "Troops disguise" spells.

"Anabiosis" Spell
Affects the Domain-target with almost all its effects.
Exception is: Science studying stops in all Domains.

"Necromancy" spell turns killed troops into mercenaries. Not more than 30% of all killed troops from both sides can be turned into mercenaries.

Spells that affect enemy troops so that they start retreating, like "Deep Horror", "Horror" and "Compassion" Spells do, are not active together. Only the Spell with the biggest effect will be active.

"Buildings Strengthening" Scroll
Chance of Buildings destruction decreases by the % specified in the Scroll description.
While the Scroll is active, the rule of "at least 1 level of a building to be destroyed in case of victory" is not working. That is, even the attacker wins the battle, buildings can be not damaged at all.

"Invisibility" Scroll
Allows hiding mission from other players' Visionaries.
Exception is: a mission is visible for the player who is attacked , the player's Substitute if enters the player's City, the Clan Head and Secretary if the "Show clan-mates missions" option is enabled.

Scrolls and Artefacts that decrease units' "Attack" value, also decrease Pursuers' "Attack".

"All Troops" means "all types of Units", not "Troops of all players".

Spell from the "Catapult" Scroll decreases levels of Fighting and Magic Towers by 1 (down to 0) before each Battle round. Each time the level of the Tower with the highest "Attack" value is decreased.

"Antimagic" Spell that has been cast on a City, doesn`t cancel the Spells cast on player. But in this very city those player cast spells won`t work (except for "Spy curse").

After using the scroll "Army Blow Up" the owner of the cast effect sees the real amount of troops in white color and the added amount of troops in blue color. All other players will see the sum of these numbers.

The spell "Trojan Horse" kills xxx enemy units in the "Fortifications" round before the battle. All units die, except for Mercenaries, because Mercenaries do not die in the "Fortifications" round.

"Protection from magic" This effect can be obtained from artefacts, runic words, scrolls and hero skills. Several effects work as follows: The hero’s skill gives 50% of defense, the scroll gives 30% of the remainder (100% -50%), that is 15%, the artefact gives 40% of the remainder (100% - (50% + 15%), that is 14%. Protection from magic: 50% + 15% + 14% = 79%