Explorers are sent with the "Exploration" mission to the empty Kingdom Squares in order to find Ruins and Outer Domains or to choose a good square for founding a new city there.
Explorers will find only Ruins of levels equal to your rank, one level higher and all levels lower (if there are any).
Level 7 Ruins can be found by players of any rank.

NOTE!: in Exploration Reports there is no information about other players’ buildings in villages. It’s better to spy on the neighboring cities before founding a new city on the explored square. One and the same kingdom can be fully explored only once per hour.

In order to launch the mission you need to have:

  • Explorers (that can be trained in the Expeditionary Corps building),
  • and sufficient radius of the Explorers action according to the "Mapping" science level.
So, we are ready to send it:
1. Click on the square you want to explore and then – the "Explore" button

2. In the Mission Launch Window set up the mission speed.

After the Explorer has been sent, you will be able to observe the mission course in the Missions Window.

You will receive reports from each Explorer when square exploration is complete.
If it is report about an empty square (with no Outer Domain or Ruin there), the buildings in villages (even if there are any) won’t be displayed in it. In order to get this information use "Espionage" mission towards the neighbouring squares.

Explorers fatality. Explorers can die while performing their mission; in this case you won’t receive information on square from him. Death chance depends on the travelling speed of Explorer and varies from 2 to 10%. The slower is speed that you choose when launch the mission, the lower is chance of the Explorer’s death.

After Outer Domain or Ruin has been discovered on the Kingdom Map you will see it until it disappears. Other players are not able to see the domains or Ruins on the Kingdom Map until their Explorers discover them. Also, you can report a domain to other players using the domain menu on the Kingdom Map.

If Outer Domain or Ruin appears on the square that was explored by you before, you will not be able to see it until you explore the square again. That’s why it’s worth to explore squares over and over again. You can see remoteness of last exploration if switch on the grid on the Kingdom Map:

Kingdom automatic exploration service is available for players who use Premium.