Mentors :
- advise their Apprentices how to make progress in the Game,
- can send resources to their Apprentices once a day,
- can view their Apprentices' cities , - receive extra rewards for some quests completed by their Apprentices.

In order to become a Mentor you need to:
- complete the "Become a Mentor" quest and get the reward for it,
- make sure you have the Diplomatic Corps building constructed,
- enter the Diplomatic Corps and click the "Invite to be Apprentice" button there, select or type in the name of player to be invited, write a short message as an invitation and click the "Invite to be Apprentice" button. The player will receive the message and the invitation. In case the player accepts the invitation you will be informed about that in a special message.
Also, an invitation to become your Apprentice is automatically send to the player who register using your personal partner link.
A player receives the referral bonus from the referral players irrespective of whether the players are his Apprentices or not.

Only a new player can become an Apprentice.
In order to become an Apprentice click the "Yes" button in the invitation to Apprentices.
After that the Mentor and the Apprentice are automatically added into each others Contact Lists.
The "show online" option is on at default for Mentor and Apprentice.
Once a day Apprentice can ask for resources from the Mentor by clicking the "Ask Resources" button near the Mentor's name in the Contact List. The resources to ask are always the same - 5000 Gold and 500 Population.

Therewith, the Mentor receives the request with the "Send Resources from Capital" button.
Always, only 1 request for resources is valid, even if the Apprentice has sent several requests and the Mentor has not granted them.

If a player is Mentor, the list of current and invited Apprentices is displayed in the "Mentor" tab in the Diplomatic Corps building.
Players who haven't accepted the invitation yet are displayed on the light grey background, players who have been deleted from the server are displayed on the grey background, all the rest players are displayed on the common background.

Mentors can be of different levels. Mentoring level influences the maximum amount of Apprentices that a Mentor can have at the same time. Mentor's level depends on the amount of graduated Apprentices.

A Mentor can see the list of an Apprentice's quests by clicking the Apprentice's name in the list in the Diplomatic Corps building.
Titles of the quests that are available for completion by Apprentice are written in black colour, titles of the quest that are not available yet are written in grey colour.
If an Apprentice have already completed a quest, there will be the "Get Reward" button to the left of the quest's title for the Mentor.

After all Apprentice's quests are completed and the rewards are received by the Mentor, the "Graduate" button appears for the Mentor.

The mentorship will last until the Mentor graduates the Apprentice (by clicking the "Graduate" button).

It is possible for a player to be an Apprentice and a Mentor at the same time.