Not all objects on the Map can be seen with the naked eye. Outer Domains and Ruins are invisible until your Explorers discover them. Grail can be seen by all players the moment it appears on the map.
At that, Explorers will hand over information about the discovered Outer Domains to you only and other players won’t see the domains until their own Explorers discover them too.

Outer Domains are Stone, Gold and Iron Mines, Pits, Salt Lakes, and Grails.

Stone Mines, Iron Mines and Gold Mines are situated underground and have similar characteristics, that’s why they can be united under the title of Mines.
Pits are also situated underground but there are some empty cells where some buildings can be constructed.
Salt Lake is a hovering island that has 4 cells for buildings construction and villages.
Grail is a magic sphere that has 4 cells for constructing buildings. Grail has its own villages.


Outer Domains can be robbed.
At the robbery of Outer Domain only 50% of resources or people can be stolen.

In Pits and Mines there is a Tunnel – analogue of the City Gate. It takes 5 minutes to open the Gate and 6 hours to close it. Tunnel closing can’t be accelerated. There is no Gate or Tunnel in Salt Lakes and Grails.

Domain seizure#

Domains can be seized only after the Outer Domains science has been studied.
If defensive buildings were constructed in an Outer Domain, they should be destroyed before seizing it. Otherwise the seizure won't take place.
If an Outer Domain is seized, and it contains any buildings, they are destroyed completely, if they are of level 1, and partially – if higher.

Outer Domains and Ruins can appear on any free squares any time. That's why it's worth to explore squares time and again!

Domain refusal
You can refuse your Domain in the Domain Menu of the Kingdom Map, provided there are no outgoing missions from this Domain. Any troops located in the Domain will leave for the closest City with the Escape mission.

The mission speed is equal to the march between your domains at "Fast" speed.
No award is needed to be paid to a party for the "Escape" mission. The domain's Gold is not spent on salary too. Due to this a certain amount of troops desert regarding the lack of salary for the time of the mission.

Domain's Life Span
Life Span of Outer Domain, except for Salt Lake and Grail, can be increased by 30 days.
The cost for each next prolongation of the same domain's Life Span will increase exponentially.
First prolongation costs 200 Black Gems. Second – 400 BG. Third – 800 BG, etc.

When a domain collapses the troops that were in it head to the nearest City or to the Capital with the "Escape" mission.