There are two factions – the Dark and the Light. There is also such notion as Renegade, when player is deprived of his faction support.

Elves, Knights и Wizards – present the Light Faction.
Dark Elves, Demons and Undead
– present the Dark Faction.

Monsters do not belong to any faction, you cannot get Faction Rating from them in any case.

If attacking any domain (including Outer Domains) of own race players, the attacker becomes Renegade for 7 days.
All domains of a Renegade have red coloured titles on the Kingdom Map.

Attack Bonuses by race/faction:
When a player attacks another player of his own race, the attacker will receive -50% Attack Penalty.
When a player attacks another player of his own faction, the attacker will receive -25% Attack Penalty.

Renegades can be attacked by players of their race/faction without any penalty for the attackers.
Race Bonus of native land’s protection is not working if player is a Renegade.

You can stop being a Renegade in a moment with the use of the Black Gems.

A separate rating of players’ wins over the opposing faction players is called "Faction Loyalty" Rating.
Faction Loyalty – is Gold equivalent of units killed in battle against enemy faction player (Dark or Light) or against Renegade of any faction. Rating Points are awarded to the attackers, and are not awarded to the defender.

The killed units are counted up after the round of resurrection. This means that if the defender resurrected all his killed units, the attackers will not get Rating Points.

If you attack a domain of the opposing faction player it doesn’t matter which faction’s assistance the player has (if the player has any), the faction of assisting troops is not considered.
Assisting Monsters do not affect Faction Rating.

If attack was a joint, points are awarded in accordance with the number of army attacks at the beginning of the battle.

EXAMPLE of calculating Bonuses and Faction Rating for the Demon race.

Attacking raceDefending race Faction bonus to attack value
for attacker
Faction Rating Bonus of native land’s protection
for defender
Demon Knight 0 + +25
Elve 0 + +25
Wizard 0 + +25
Demon -50 - +25
Drow -25 - +25
Undead -25 - +25
Renegade 0 + 0

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